How Many Seats Are Up for Grabs in Scottsdale, Arizona's City Council Election?

Scottsdale, Arizona is a city that utilizes a system of municipal administrators. This form of government consists of an elected city council, which includes the mayor and serves as the main legislative body of the city. The council appoints an executive known as the municipal administrator to manage daily operations and execute the council's political and legislative initiatives. The municipal administrator is the executive director of the city. The Scottsdale City Council is responsible for approving and adopting the city's budget, collecting taxes, and enacting or modifying municipal laws, policies, and ordinances.

The council is made up of seven members, including the mayor. Two candidates, Pamela Carter and Barry Graham, are vying for a seat on the Scottsdale City Council on Tuesday, November 3rd. In order to understand the election process better, it is essential to be aware of the legal requirements pertaining to candidates for elected office in Scottsdale. These requirements can be found in the Constitution of the State of Arizona, the Arizona Revised Statutes, the Statutes of the City of Scottsdale and the City Code of Scottsdale. Additionally, candidates should consult with the Scottsdale City Clerk who acts as the filing officer for all Scottsdale election forms. In the Scottsdale primary elections held earlier this month, both candidates, Councilmember Kathy Littlefield and Solange Whitehead, were chosen outright.

David Calverley (non-partisan) and Bentley Dillard (non-partisan) won without appearing on the ballot. Arizona Digital Free Press contacted both candidates asking them identical questions to gain insight into how they view “the westernmost city in the West”, what challenges exist to future prosperity, and why they believe they have become the first contenders for the final elected position on the City Council. The total revenue and expenditure figures were extracted from the summary sections of the total budget of the city's annual financial reports. This information is an important first step in the electoral process and has been prepared to provide you with information and candidate requirements for the 2024 mayoral and city council elections. In conclusion, two candidates are running for a seat on Scottsdale City Council in Arizona on Tuesday, November 3rd. It is critical to be aware of all legal requirements pertaining to candidates for elected office in Scottsdale before running for office in 2024 mayoral and city council elections.