How Often Are Elections Held in Scottsdale, Arizona?

The city of Scottsdale, Arizona is a vibrant and active community that holds elections to elect its city officials. The Constitution of the State of Arizona, the Arizona Revised Statutes, the Statutes of the City of Scottsdale, and the Scottsdale City Code provide legal requirements related to candidates for elected office in Scottsdale. Primary elections are conducted in even-numbered years on the date set for the state's primary election. If no candidate is elected in the primary election, a general election will be held to elect the candidates who will hold that office or positions.

General elections are held after the primary elections in even-numbered years on the date set for the state's general elections. Special elections may be held concurrently with a primary, general or any other election authorized by law. The City Council determines the time, form and means for holding any special election, provided that no election is called less than thirty (30) days after public notification, as required by state law or ordinance. General elections are also held when any elected office becomes vacant after the primary elections. Candidates who receive the highest number of votes in a general election, equal to the number of people to be elected, shall be declared elected to that office. The Scottsdale City Clerk acts as the filing officer for all Scottsdale election forms. If you are interested in running for office in Scottsdale's 2024 mayoral and city council elections, this information is an important first step in the electoral process.

It has been prepared to provide you with information and candidate requirements for the 2024 mayoral and city council elections.