What is the Role of a City Council Member in Scottsdale, Arizona?

The City of Scottsdale is a vibrant and diverse community that is governed by an elected city council. This council, which includes the mayor and eight council members, is responsible for making decisions that affect the city's residents and businesses. The council members are elected in a non-partisan vote for four-year terms and are tasked with representing their constituents and advocating for their interests. The mayor and council members work together to set the city's policy agenda, appoint a municipal administrator to oversee daily operations, and approve the city's operating budget.

The municipal administrator is responsible for managing the daily operations of the city, appointing municipal employees, and implementing the council's political and legislative initiatives. If you are a resident of Scottsdale, it is important to know who your city council member is and how to contact them. You can find your district by visiting the City of Scottsdale website or by calling the City Clerk's office. Once you know your district, you can contact your councilmember directly or attend a public meeting to voice your opinion on important issues.