Voter Turnout in Scottsdale, Arizona: What to Expect

Election night ballots, as well as some absentee ballots, were released in the legislative elections in Arizona. Democrats maintained their deficits in both houses of the Arizona Legislature, but won four seats in the Arizona House of Representatives and won the overall vote in the Arizona Senate. Before election day, 11 of the 16 news organizations considered that Arizona was leaning towards Biden; the other five considered him a failure. The Arizona Republic magazine reported that Maricopa County may need to invest significant funding and time to ensure that the equipment meets federal, state and local requirements for certification and protection of election equipment.

The presidential elections were held simultaneously with the elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate. Laws where everyone loses prevent candidates who lost a primary election from running in the general election as written candidates. After the elections, the Arizona Senate, with a Republican majority, began a publicly funded investigation in Maricopa County into the alleged electoral fraud of Trump and his supporters. After the elections, Donald Trump, the Arizona Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and several others filed lawsuits to annul the results of the elections in Arizona, alleging unfounded allegations of voter fraud. Fann made a complaint, which was later expanded by Trump in a May 15 blog post, stating that Maricopa County election officials deleted the voter database after the elections. Voter turnout is an important indicator of public opinion and can be used to measure how engaged citizens are with their local government.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, voter turnout has been steadily increasing over recent years. In 2016, voter turnout was at an all-time high with over 70% of registered voters casting their ballots. This number has remained relatively consistent since then with an average voter turnout rate of around 68%.The city of Scottsdale has taken several steps to increase voter engagement and turnout. In 2018, they launched a campaign called “Vote Scottsdale” which aimed to educate citizens on their voting rights and encourage them to participate in local elections.

The city also implemented an online voter registration system which allows citizens to register to vote from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, they have partnered with local organizations such as schools and churches to host voter registration drives. The city has also taken steps to make voting more accessible for citizens who may not be able to make it to their polling place on election day. Early voting is available for all registered voters in Scottsdale and absentee ballots can be requested up to two weeks before an election. Additionally, there are several drop-off locations throughout the city where citizens can drop off their ballots if they are unable to make it to their polling place. Overall, Scottsdale has seen a steady increase in voter turnout over recent years due to increased efforts by local government officials and organizations.

With more citizens becoming engaged in local politics and taking advantage of early voting and absentee ballots, it is likely that this trend will continue into future elections.